Plants are educational.

Bringing a little of nature indoors, especially in urban areas where people have exposure to plant life can be both stimulating and educational. Where else, other than the tropical plant houses of botanical gardens, will you see the variety of exotic and unusual plant species usually on display in shopping centres and large office atriams. The increasing use by many establishments of plant labelling, with information on species, origins and history, increases this benefit even further and encourages people to take more interest in their surroundings and green issues.

In conclusion

Research clearly tells us that people do respond positively to the presence of plants in buildings. Healthy, well-maintained plants in well-designed displays enhance the character and appearance of a building, and improve the psychological and physical well-being of its occupants. Above all, interior landscaping has been shown to be a sound investment by reducing sickness absence, improving mental agility, increasing use of communal facilities and positively changing a persons perception of a building.